Active Presence is a community of contemplative scholar-practitioners, who regard attention, awareness and perception as key elements for optimizing human flourishing. Throughout the millennia, people have been discovering the fact that these elements are not simple givens but trainable skills, and have been developing diverse frameworks and support structures for honing these skills to extraordinary degrees.

We believe that attention, awareness and perceptual training bring benefits for a broad spectrum of human life endeavors, from applied to existential. Practiced in appropriate fashion, it can help you concentrate better on a task at hand, manage your emotional life, and quench your spiritual thirst.

Our scope

At Active Presence, we study and practice contemplative psychotechnologies, develop and teach modern meditation frameworks, conduct scientific research, and apply that to everything from stress reduction to AI, and from political activism to enlightenment.

Our practices are modern and clear, transparent and no-bullshit, science-informed and trauma-sensitive. Although as individuals we embrace the cultural and the religious, as Active Presence we focus on the universal and the pragmatic. All of our practices are fully operationalized, each comprising a set of doable actions.

And then there are frameworks of practice, answering the important questions of what for, by whom, in which context, in what condition, how, and for how long do we use these practices in order to have meaningful results.

Our values

  1. Pragmatic. We are interested in what works, and we are searching to formulate what best practices in our field of interest are.
  2. Contemporary. We value traditions as ‘conveyors’ of practice, but we don’t necessarily hold traditional practice as best practice for our contemporary needs simply because it is traditional.
  3. Integrative. We use mixed-method and integrative approaches to contemplative practice, and are deeply influenced by Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, as well as Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness system.
  4. Science-informed. We believe that scientific methods can provide information that is universal, transcultural and reproducible.
  5. Full-spectrum. We use contemplative practices both for the most down-to-earth benefits (e.g. stress reduction) and for dealing with existential questions of life, death, will, meaning, and everything in between.
  6. Ecological. We endorse a caring and trauma-informed approach based on responsibility and free choice, and strive for the individual and collective good.

Our expertise

We research, create and carry out custom-designed training curricula for corporate programs, educational organizations and training centers on stress reduction, performance, mindfulness and well-being.

We have expertise in designing and running such programs for IT, oil, agricultural, maritime and other companies.

We help scientists to develop best quality meditation research designs, protocols, and scripts to fit the research purpose.

Also, we provide mentoring and continuing education for the mindfulness teachers.

We endorse a curious, rigorous, compassionate and careful, mindful, loving and playful approach. (Otherwise, why bother?)

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